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Barry Charles: CD's

A Cordial Collision

New CD co-produced with kiwi harmonica player, Haggis Maguiness - launched at the Bay of Islands Jazz & Blues Festival in New Zealand. The new album is a collection of original tracks and selected covers. It captures the chemistry and enjoyment that comes so naturally to them when performing live. This Aussie / Kiwi connection, perform together naturally and often humorously, packing venues at the BOI festival while capturing a wide range of moods from ballads to some spontaneous performances.

Now available at CD BABY

something going on out there - CD

Something goin' on out there . . . Eight tracks - five new original tracks -including the title track - and a couple of old favourites that have been on my repertoire for some time. Check out the cover notes on the CD Baby link.

The album came about when an old friend, and great musician, called and offered a few days recording with him in his new studio. Basically it's a solo album, but with some really nice added touches from Andy Cowan, Andy Baylor and Haggis Maguiness. Thanks!
now available at CD Baby